NSD GROUP - Sản Phẩm Được Phân Phối Độc Quyền Bởi


Model coding

①Sensor model ②Phase type ③Mounting ④Shaft shape ⑤Connector type ⑥Interconnecting ⑦Silicon oil injected
sensor cable (m)
VRE- P 61 F K B - -
P 74 F K B 2 -G
P 97 F K B 2 -G
P 101 F K B 2 -G
16TS 100 F K B 2 -G
10TP 68 F K B 2 -
10TP 101 F K B 2 -G


Red word select the required specification.


②Phase type

P[Standard type] 16TS[High-resolution type] 10TP[ABSO PULPUL-only®]


F[Fiange-mount type] L[Base-mount type] M[Face-mount (Only by 068,074)]

④Shaft shape

K[Sunk key]

⑤Connector type

  • B[Standard connector for NSD standard cable]
  • P[Large connector for JKPEV-S cable]
  • R[Terminals for Commercially available cable and NSD standard cable]

⑥Interconnecting sensor cable (m)

2[2m] 5[5m] 10[10m] 20[20m] VRE-□SP061:only by 2m

⑦Silicon oil injected

G[Silicon oil injected] Blank[None]