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Model Coding


Type List of sensor model Mounting Shaft shape
Single Turn Type VRE-WP062SAC S[Servo-mount type] A[Flat]
VRE-WP062SBC B[Key way]
VRE-WP062FAC F[Flange-mount type] A[Flat]
VRE-WP062FBC B[Key way]




Item Specification
Sensor model VRE-WP062
Total number of turns 1
Number of divisions 8192
Mass(kg) 1.3
Linearity error(°degree) 1 Max.
Moment of inertia kg・m2 {kgf・cm・s2} 6.4×10-6{6.5×10-5}
Starting torque N・m{kgf・cm} 4.9×10-2{0.5} or less
Permissible shaft load Radial(N {kgf}) 98{10}
Thrust(N {kgf}) 49 {5}
Permissible mechanical speed 3600r/min
Ambient temperature Operating -20 ~ +60
Storage -30 ~ +90
Vibration resistance 2.0×102m/s2 {20G} 2000Hz up /down 4h, forward/back 2h, conforms to JIS D1601 standard
Shock resistance 4.9×103m/s2 {500G} 0.5ms up/down/forward/back 3 times each, conforms to JIS C5026 standard
Protection rating IP67(JEM1030)
Max. sensor cable length Standard cable (m) 100(3P-S)
Robotic cable (m) 100(3P-RBT)
Interconnecting sensor cable (m) 2